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The WoodStone Table

The WoodStone table is a new style of dining table crafted by Black Rose WoodCraft using a single slab of Oregon Black Walnut from the Pacific Northwest. Walnut is a hardwood that grows native to Oregon with a special array of color and grain that you won't find in black walnut from other areas. Leathered Belvedere quartzite has been carefully inlaid into the table as a centerpiece. Granite and quartzite were melded together by the power of the earth to create this amazing stone. This addition not only adds art and beauty to the table but provides a functional component allowing hot plates or dishes to be placed directly on the table. The underneath bevel creates an additional level of elegance while also being perfectly set on a custom steel spider base.

Hardwood Options: Walnut, White OakMaple

Custom sizing is available


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