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This dining table features our popular race track design top with angled legs for a little extra spice. It can be made from any hardwood of your choice! We use nice and chunky 2" material to build this table so it will really have a nice presence as the centerpiece of your home. 


This table is made from white oak which is one of the best hardwoods that grows native to Oregon. White oak is extremely dense making it an incredibly hard hardwood and also makes it a great choice for outdoor use! 



Please ask about customization options! 

Zalo Dining Table

PriceFrom $6,215.00
  • The Zalo Dining Table is a large white oak dining table that can be used indoors or outdoors. The stylish legs sit on an 8 degree angle. At 10ft long, this is a perfect table for dinner parties and entertaining but can be made in other sizes. 

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