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When we designed the Lutra table, we wanted to make a table that's fun but also sophisticated while still being of a more minimalist design. We believe we achieved that in this piece.


It features a circular top with a lovely round over on the edges. The bottom round over is significantly larger than the top which is an edge profile we absolutely love. We took the three legs from another popular design we make and asked "how could these draw you in more?" We used a combination of miters, templates, and compasses to create a stunning snakelike curve juxtaposed against a straight line. The legs also feature a large round over giving them a soft and inviting feel throughout the table.


This table can find a home in nearly any space from someone's living room to a hotel lobby. Being made out of oak, it is very durable and holds up well against the many accidents life may throw at it. We use two coats of Rubio Monocoat which is a high end oil based furniture finish.


We believe anyone will be able to enjoy this absolutely stunning coffee table in their space.

Lutra Coffee Table

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