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The Process

Making dope sh*t

At Black Rose WoodCraft, truly unique tables are made. Unlike many companies that use cookie-cutter designs, every table is different. I use local hardwoods like walnut, maple and white oak, to create my clients vision of their dream table for their perfect space.


Often times clients bring designs to me or I will talk them through the various options from wood species to overall design. I'm comfortable bringing a design to life from photos or drawings but can also piece together your vision through a conversation. 

One question remains constant - can this make a dope table?

Slabs are hand selected based on several factors that are defined by the projects needs. Clients are welcome to be as involved in this part of the process as they like. 

All my tables are built in my one man shop in inner SE Portland. 

I use one of two high-end oil finishes specifically manufactured for furniture. An oil finish will offer the best in color richness and protection over time.


We can stain, we can go natural - everything is on the table.

I create an environment for you. A place for conversation, too many margaritas, and your mom's favorite recipe. The dining table is a special place. It's one of the last places where phones are put down and people connect. Let's make that place as amazing as you dream of. 

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