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Custom Solid Wood Conference Tables in Portland, OR

Black Rose WoodCraft specializes in tables of all kinds which includes conference tables and boardroom tables for your office or headquarters.

Our tables are custom made in Portland, Oregon to your design specifications and can be made from a variety of hardwoods listed below. Bases can be constructed from wood or steel. We work with a local steel fabricator in Portland, OR as we try to keep everything local!

Nearly all of the hardwoods used in our shop are locally grown and harvested from the Willamette Valley and handcrafted here in Portland, OR. Some exotic woods can be sourced based on clients' requests but we typically keep it all local. We have such an amazing selection of materials for custom solid wood conference tables here in the Portland, OR area that we're able to make beautiful, long lasting, and one-of-a-kind pieces without compromise on quality.

Black Rose offers a range of styles based on what our clients want. It's not uncommon to recreate a vision from a photo or designs supplied by the client. Your custom wood conference table should be everything you desire! The only limit is your imagination... and physics. Physics play a role also. 

Our custom wood conference tables can be made in a variety of design options. We do resin (river or encased) tables, farm style tables, contemporary and minimalist designs, and everything in between! Your conference table can even have your logo inlayed into the surface. If you have a design in mind, don't hesitate to reach out for a quote! We are also happy to jump on a call for a free design consultation to help bridge any gaps in your idea of a custom wood dining table.

Hardwood Options:

  • Walnut

  • White Oak

  • Ash

  • Maple

  • Elm

  • Acacia

*Custom solid wood conference tables can be made of other hardwood options - just ask!

Typical pricing for custom wood conference tables

range from $6,000- $100,000+

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